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Join the connected-vehicle revolution with Autonect. The global GPS vehicle tracking solution that uses your smartphone and the Autonect ProLink™ which works all around the world by plugging in to the OBD port, fitted to most cars manufactured after 2001

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Save Time

Decode that check engine light immediately, and receive alerts and support direct to your phone if your car develops a fault, needs servicing or requires an MOT

Book Servicing

If a fault is detected with your vehicle you can easily arrange repairs, or book an MOT or service directly through the Autonect app

Save Money

The Autonect driving app includes live economy scoring showing your MPG, helping you drive more economically so you spend less on fuel and vehicle maintenence

Organise Expenses

Autonect lets you tag your journeys and download them on a spreadsheet to help you claim business expenses

Breakdown Support

Keep you and your passengers completely safe if things go wrong by contacting breakdown and emergency services directly from within the Autonect app

GPS Fleet Tracking

Let Autonect help you control your company vehicles using GPS tracking and live fault alerts

Autonect is designed so you only have to pair the ProLink™ with your phone once. After that, it connects seamlessly every time you get in your car. At the end of each trip, you can check your journey score, distance, time and fuel cost, which you can also download as a CSV file for expenses tracking.

You can even see how your driving compares by sharing your journey scores with your friends on social media!

Sam DemedaI feel I’m a better driver since using Autonect, and it’s really useful being able to see how I can save money by taking different routes and driving just that bit differently
Sam Demeda
Autonect Beta-tester
Autonect on 2 Phones

See how Autonect works

Make your car a smart, connected car today.

Autonect on iPad
Works with iOS and Android smartphones

Autonect works on all your favourite devices

As you would expect with a cutting edge connected-vehicle service, Autonect has been built with most popular smartphones and tablets in mind.

Whether you’re an Android or an Apple user running with a recent software version, you can download the Autonect app for free in your online stores.

Organise your expenses the fast and easy way

Autonect lets you check your list of past journeys anytime and tag them by business or private mileage. You can then download them to a CSV file on any device, making it really simple to complete your tax and expense claims.

Autonect App in Hand

Here’s how Autonect makes your life even easier

Compare Journeys

Try different routes to work and see which are quicker and more economical

See Fault Codes

Get live details of how your car’s performing and what might be wrong with it

Servicing Support

Receive automatic alerts when your servicing or MOT are due and book from within the app.

Driving Scores

Each journey you make is rated for how you drive. How do you compare to friends, family and others?

Multi-car Garage

Add all your family vehicles into one app, and Autonect recognises which one you’re driving

Parental Overview

Use GPS car tracking to see where young drivers have been, and how well they've been driving

Your Stories

How Autonect is making things better

It’s so cool being able to see how much my journeys are costing and trying different routes. I’m already saving around £20 a month in fuel with no doubt more to come!
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson
Events Planner
When my engine light came on, Autonect told me what was wrong, and I had a message from the garage before I’d even got home. Great service.
Tanya Pouzhyk
Tanya Pouzhyk
Care Assistant
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Felix Parker
Felix Parker

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Coventry University
University of Cambridge
University of Edinburgh
University of Nottingham
University of Warwick
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